My new chin has recently started doing this weird thing after I put her back in her cage at night. I live in Orange County, and I wanted to know who a good chinchilla breeder would be. I’m not weird, I’m gifted My gerbil is making weird noises. Help!! – My room-mate gave me his pet chinchilla, which i absolutely adore. My chinchilla is making some weird rasping noises as if he has a stuffy nose. he makes them with each. Chinchilla Behavior – Hey everyone, i just have a quick question about what is considered normal.

Watch weird behavior online for free on Pakistan Videos. Since smelling Sage, she has started doing this weird behavior. Hamster Central > Hamster Species > Syrian Hamster: Weird Behavior. You could get a little hamster potty or a shallow dish and fill it with chinchilla sand.
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It is almost clicking like a chinchilla does. ?
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